The two-toned kitchen trend

Posted on June 16, 2017


Two-toned kitchens are on trend. The technique makes the most of a punctuated palette to prove that sometimes less is more.  
While the technique has the virtue of brevity, it doesn’t lack for versatility. A two-toned kitchen uses any combination of complementing, analogous or neutral colors to achieve a number of effects. The technique either breaks up or blends design elements. Most commonly, however, the technique sets a focal point.
In the kitchen, islands serve as the natural focal point. A lemon-yellow island catches the eye in a powder-blue kitchen. A two-toned color scheme can draw the eye to any interesting landmark in—or even outside—the kitchen. For instance, the eye marvels at the contrast of a sea of black granite countertops in a white kitchen. Window light is a natural draw, particularly if the kitchen window is used to frame a stunning landscape or cityscape. A set of windows surrounded by white crown molding hung against a backdrop of a neutral color achieves a look suitable for a gallery. 
In addition to countertops and crown molding, paint can pair with wood finishes. Traditional cabinet stains typically retain wood’s natural brown and golden hues. A port-side spin of the color wheel reveals blues, greys and greens. An aquamarine island set off from dark walnut cabinets invigorates a kitchen space. The stunning effect is achieved because the color of the paint and finish each appear cleaner and brighter than either would alongside a more neutral counterpart. 
Two-toned cabinets define the two-toned kitchen trend. The composition treats the top and bottom sets as distinct design elements. Two-toned cabinets are open to the same versatile effects. Darker-colored bottom cabinets can be used to anchor a kitchen, while darker-colored top cabinets bring the ceiling closer in to create a sense of coziness. 
Balance, though, is a top-most concern with two-toned cabinets. In general, contrast is shown with shade not color. Bottom blue-violet cabinets can hold up cabinets a lighter shade of blue-violet or a neutral color. Blue-violet cabinets are striking under a sail of white. On balance, vibrant colors need neutral counterparts. 
Though two-toned kitchens are on-trend, they’re anchored in timeless principles of design.